Joshua Petker 

Born 1979, Los Angeles, CA

Lives and works in Los Angeles, CA


2015 MFA CalArts, Valencia, CA

2002 BA The Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA

Upcoming Exhibitions

2022 – Rachel Uffner Gallery, New York, NY

Selected Exhibitions

2021 – Urban Whispers, group exhibition, Woaw Gallery, Hong Kong, China, curated by Emilia Yin

2021 – Mystic Truths, group exhibition, NeueHouse Bradbury, Los Angeles, CA, curated by Brooke Wise

2021 – Apostolic Succession, group exhibition, Spurs Gallery, Beijing, China, curated by Bill Powers

2021 – 36 Paintings, group exhibition, Harper’s Books, East Hampton, NY

2021 – The Flirt, Anat Ebgi, Los Angeles, CA

2021 – Stockholm Sessions, group exhibition, Carl Kosty├íl Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden

2021 – All of Sudden, group exhibition, Galeria Mascota, Aspen, CO

2021 – Good Company: The Remix, group exhibition, Anat Ebgi Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, curated by Anat Ebgi & Paul Schimmel

2020 – So Far, group exhibition, LaLoma Projects, Pasadena, CA

2019 – Dark Mode 2014-2019, group exhibition, ASHES/ASHES, New York, NY

2019 – 4 Works, Art Los Angeles Contemporary, Lisa Kehler Projects, Santa Monica, CA

2019 – Freshly Cut and Softly Bound, group exhibition, Vacation Gallery, New York, NY

2017 – Here Comes the Waiting For the Sun, Monte Vista Projects, Highland Park, CA

2015 – Some Hippies and a Hobo, ASHES/ASHES, Los Angeles, CA

2015 – Hay Nap, group exhibition, Secret Recipe, Los Angeles, CA

2015 – Art.MFA.15, group exhibition, Los Angeles, CA, curated by Sarah Leher-Graiwer

2015 – Incognito, group exhibition, Santa Monica Museum of Art, Santa Monica, CA

2015 – Face It, group exhibition, Full Haus, Silverlake, CA

2014 – Support Systems, 2A Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2013 – Drunk on the Moon, Shooting Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2012 – About Face, group exhibition, ACME. Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, curated by Daniel Weinberg

2012 – Adrift, LeBasse Projects, Los Angeles, CA

Selected Press (links)

ARTFORUM: Critics’ Pick – Joshua Petker by Tyler Malone, May 19, 2021

JUXTAPOZ: The Flirt – A Conversation with Joshua Petker, by Sasha Bogojev, April 28, 2021

L.A. TIMES: Disrupting the Conventional, by Christopher Knight, August 12, 2015

Last Look: Some Hippies and a Hobo, by Sharsten Plenge, WOAH, September 3, 2015